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Geographical location

ALGAPLUS is based in Aveiro region, Portugal.

The seaweed production is conducted under the Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) concept in partnership with a semi-intensive seabass and seabream farm (MATERAQUA, Lda) with 14 ha of seawater surface.

Water source and quality

In the water where the seaweed is cultivated, temperatures range from approx. 12 to 24ºC

Temperature, Aveiro Region

Weather and climate

The climate and weather conditions of Aveiro regionare depicted below (temperature and precipitation). Temperature, Aveiro Region

Precipitation, Aveiro Region

Source: Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera


Trains: the city is serviced by Alfa Pendular (Lisbon - Braga; Lisbon - Oporto; Faro - Oporto) and Intercity (Intercidades: Lisbon - Oporto and Lisbon - Guimarães) trains, Regional trains, Suburban Trains (Urbanos do Porto) and also the Linha do Vouga, a narrow gauge railway to Águeda and Sernada do Vouga.
Boats: moliceiros in Ria for hire to tourists, for fishing purposes and recreational ones like regattas. Routes/Primary expressways: A 1 (Porto - Lisbon); A 25 (Viseu - Guarda - Vilar Formoso).
Regional Airport: Aerodromo de Aveiro/São Jacinto (LPAV).
Port/Harbour (harbor): Porto de Aveiro (Ílhavo/Aveiro).