AquaCase mussel farming

Mussel culture Farm, Chalastra, North of Greece

ChalastraThe mussel culture farms introduced here are family run, small - scale farms. The facilities are located in the Delta Municipality, at Thessaloniki Prefecture, North of Greece.

Cooperative Management in Clam Farming, Emilia Romagna, Italy

ChalastraEmilia Romagna is a region in Italy that has a dominant cooperative system which has achieved a strong position in many sectors of the region's economy. Looking at the fisheries and fish farming sectors, especially the clam farming in Emilia Romagna, this case study: “Cooperative Management in Clam farming in Emilia Romagna region in Italy"  focus on describing the current capacity building collaborations. From a learning perspective, this study will give sufficient insights into the organization of the cooperative ecosystem, that will allow learners to identify the best practices, as well as discuss some of the challenges that may arise between the interactions of the stakeholders involved (Power Point Presentation).