AquaCase ongrowing facilities

Slussfors, Arctic Charr

SlussforsThe Slussfors facility is a freshwater cage ongrowing facility for Arctic Charr in northern Sweden that is owned and operated by Umlax AB.

Valle Ca’ Zuliani, Sea Bass and Shi Drum

Valle Ca ZulianiThe plant is located  in Pila (production of fry) and Monfalcone (ongrowing facilities)in the north of Italy. The farm mainly produces sea bream fry and commercial size sea bream and sea bass, for Italian and international markets, as well as shi drum for the international market.


Carelian Caviar production

SturgeonCarelian caviar produces sturgeon roe, farmed in the clean, crisp Savonian region of Finland. This recirculation sturgeon farm is situated in a small industrial town called Varkaus, Finland, in the premises of a paper mill.


Aie Betta Lover Farm- a small scale ornamental fish farm

SturgeonAie Betta Lover fish farm is a small freshwater ornamental fish breeding company owned by a local in a small town in Peninsular Malaysia. What started as just a fish keeping hobby for an IT consultant, has expanded into a business production and a reputable business offering an ‘art’ of variety of freshwater fish such as Betta, Molly and Swordtail. Betta are the main species for the production and prices can fetch up to RM 900 for a pair or 200 US$ depending on the type and variety. Customers select the fish based on the colour variety as well as the fins: the caudal fin has been ‘modified’ in selective breeding techniques, as well as the vibrant colours, which do not exist in nature.

PT Aquafarm Nusantara - Tilapia farming

SturgeonPT Aquafarm Nusantara is tilapia farming company in North Sumatra, Indonesia with a hatchery site at Serdang Berdegai and grow-out cages in Lake Toba. It is a subsidiary of the Regal Springs Group which in turn is owned by the Singapore-based Golden Springs Group. Regal Springs also has production operations in Mexico and Honduras with 7000 employees worldwide.  

The company started its business in Java in 1988 and then expanded to Lake Toba in 1998. Aquafarm Nusantara is the second-largest food processing company in the province and the largest employer on the lake with around 780 employees. Production is in the region of 40,000 tonnes per year.